Vasily Kudrin. Professional comments

Professional comments and citations in public space.

Date Theme Area Place
22.12.2022 [RUS] Mining perspectives Digital assets Kommersant
09.12.2022 [RUS] Start for crypto newcomers Digital assets BeInCrypto
28.11.2022 [RUS] Central bank digital currency Digital assets RG
23.11.2022 [RUS] Legislation of cryptomining Digital assets RSpectr
07.10.2022 [RUS; (a)ENG] Ecology and cryptomining Digital assets Fintolk
06.10.2022 [RUS] Liquidity of cryptoassets Digital assets Ko
26.09.2022 [RUS; (a)ENG] Cryptocurrencies and banks Digital assets PLUS World
23.09.2022 [RUS] Anti-crisis defense GRC EventToday
18.09.2022 [RUS] About inflation Finance Fintolk
16.09.2022 [RUS] Yuan and alternatives Finance Bankiros
09.09.2022 [RUS; (a)ENG] Legalization of crypto Digital assets New Izvestia
10.08.2022 [RUS] Impact on bitcoin Digital assets Blockchain24
29.07.2022 [RUS; (a)ENG] Strength of blockchain Digital assets Profile
25.07.2022 [RUS; ENG] Cryptowinter? Digital assets Blockchain24
29.06.2022 [ENG] Crypto and environmental impacts Digital assets The New Lede
25.06.2022 [RUS] Acquisition of cryptocurrency Digital assets BeInCrypto
06.06.2022 [RUS] LUNA fall Digital assets Fintolk
02.06.2022 [ENG; RUS] Stablecoin and crypto prospects Digital assets GetBlock
30.05.2022 [RUS; ENG] Bitcoin market scenarios Digital assets Blockchain24
30.05.2022 [RUS; ENG] Stability of stablecoins Digital assets Blockchain24
26.05.2022 [RUS] NFTs on realty market Digital assets Novostroy
17.05.2022 [RUS] Cryptoinvestment prospects Digital assets Fintolk
11.05.2022 [RUS] Time for bold decisions in the crypto industry Digital assets Expert
09.05.2022 [RUS] Crypto profitable schemes Digital assets BeInCrypto
05.05.2022 [RUS] Mining regulation law Digital assets Media Sigen
29.04.2022 [RUS] New demanded financial instruments Digital assets Kommersant
22.04.2022 [RUS] Perspectives of Solana Digital assets BeInCrypto
25.03.2022 [RUS] Blockchain and SWIFT Digital assets Blockchain24
23.03.2022 [RUS] Cryptoindustry in aggravation of political situation Digital assets Blockchain24
21.03.2022 [RUS] Role of crypto in overcoming sanctions Digital assets Blockchain24
21.03.2022 [RUS] Attitude to crypto in Russia under sanctions Digital assets Blockchain24
16.03.2022 [RUS] Blockchain implementation in banks Digital assets Blockchain24
13.03.2022 [RUS] Geography for crypto investors Digital assets BeInCrypto
10.03.2022 [RUS; ENG] Fintech and blockchain: future of finance Digital assets Blockchain24
05.03.2022 [RUS] Cryptocurrencies and the state fiat’s problems Digital assets Fintolk
23.02.2022 [RUS] Draft law on crypto regulation Digital assets Media Sigen
19.11.2021 [RUS] Ethereum’s real competitors Digital assets Blockchain24
17.11.2021 [RUS] Use of smart contracts in jurisprudence Digital assets Blockchain24
19.10.2021 [RUS] Semi-fungible tokens, SFT Digital assets Blockchain24
04.10.2021 [RUS] Crypto-bills as a possible stage of monetary evolution Digital assets Blockchain24
04.10.2021 [RUS] Risk to reward ratio in crypto trading Digital assets Blockchain24
17.12.2019 [RUS] STO (security token offering) risks Digital assets; GRC Invest Foresight